Our Story

Family is important to us

That’s why we created one of our own

Spending time with our family is important to us

That’s why we built a home of our own

Eating together is important to us

That’s why we’ve got a dining table of our own

Memories are a treasure for us

That’s why we create our own

We are a family just like yours, who got up one day and decided to bring the finest RICE on your table.
So you could create your own delicious memories, for your family, in your house, on your dining table.

About Us

Our affiliated company, House Of Grains Pte Ltd, manages and operates the rice mill, located in the heart of the basmati growing belt in India.

We source the finest paddy to produce the “Creme-De-La-Creme” quality of basmati rice,


Quality is “uncompromisable” to us, therefore we manage and control the entire value chain.

Our team has 35 years of experience and our exclusive product is the trusted choice of The Royal Families.

We hope you too enjoy “Taste Of Basmati Like Never Before” and create your own delicious memories.

Why Sameza Basmati?


Family Health is Top Priority

Sameza Basmati is gluten free, cholesterol free, low in sodium and low in fat. It contains all the vital nutrients for proper bodily functions- vitamins, essential amino acids, iron, folic acid and minerals.

Sameza Premium Basmati is a sensory explosion.

It looks gorgeous
It is a pleasure to look at, both in its uncooked and cooked form.
The cooked 1 inch long, pure white grain has a personality of its own.
Its most unique characteristic… ‘It curls like an eyelash’.

It smells fantastic
Your family knows it is meal time as soon as Sameza Basmati is cooked…
… So you dont need to call anyone!

It has a delicate touch
Both in its uncooked and cooked form, Sameza Basmati has a smooth, soft,
and delicate touch.

It tastes memorable
Sameza Basmati is a taste sensation.

Just like Champagne, Sameza Vintage Collection is aged to perfection. Our rice is matured for almost two years before milling, followed by packaging and shipping it rightaway. This way you enjoy basmati at its finest!

Sameza is Responsible

We ensure our paddy is ethically sourced from our farmers. Our paddy undergoes extensive testing at our state-of-the-art laboratory. The process of cultivation is well understood so we can age the paddy to perfection.

Our mill prides itself on hygiene and quality control. It is a fully automated mill with little to no-human intervention.
We are continually working on ways to be more environmentally friendly and responsible.